St. Joan of Arc

1412 - 1431
Kingdom of France
Patron Saint Of:
soldiers,military personnel
Feast day:
May 30

Saint Joan of Arc was born in a peasant village. Early in life, she said she heard the voices of St. Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret. She continued to hear them and at age 13 had visions of them informing her to drive the English out of France. Young Joan was able to win the belief of key military leaders by predicting turning events at key battles. She was escorted to Orleans where her presence turned the Anglo-French conflict into a religious war. As a test, the French leaders put her in command to lift the siege of Orleans. She led the troops and succeed at pushing the English out of Orleans. She won many other battles following but would eventually be captured and tried for heresy. She was executed by burning in 1431.

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