St. Francis de Sales

1567 - 1622
Kingdom of Savoy near Geneva, Switzerland
Patron Saint Of:
Catholic writers, the deaf, journalists, adult education
Feast day:
January 24

Saint Francis de Sales was a Bishop and a Doctor of the Church. While horse riding one day, he fell three times,and each time, his sword and scabbard landing on the ground in the form of a cross. This was his sign to enter the priesthood. His priesthood coincided with the Protestant Reformation. Through his grace and kindness with families and children, he helped convert tens of thousands of people back to the faith. He befriended another future saint in Jane de Chantal. From their work, he formed The Order of Visitation. He gave spiritual direction to people through letters. He insisted that every Christian was called to holiness, which laid the foundation for the Second Vatican Council, and is further documented in his famous book “Introduction to the Devout Life.”

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