St. Elizabeth of Hungary

1207 - 1231
Kingdom of Hungary (modern day Slovakia)
Patron Saint Of:
bakers,beggars, brides, charities, death of children
Feast day:
November 17

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary was born a princess. By 4, she was already arranged to be married to a German nobleman. By 6, Elizabeth’s mother was murdered, which had a profound impact on her to seek peace through God. She eventually married the German nobleman at age 14 and had three children. Although still in a royal position, Elizabeth led a simple life and continued her mission to help those in need. She was taught about St. Francis of Assisi and quickly took to his way of life. Elizabeth build a hospital and helped many in need during floods and other disasters. After her husband’s death, she joined the Third Order of St. Francis. She died at age 24 and is known for her tremendous generosity. ‍

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