St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

1774 - 1821
USA (New York, then Maryland)
Patron Saint Of:
in-law problems, against the death of children, widows, death of parents
Feast day:
January 4

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton is the first American-born saint. She came from a wealthy family, and her early life coincided with the American Revolution. At age 20, she married William Seton and enjoyed a few years of great happiness. She then experienced many tragedies as William’s father died, putting them in charge of the seven siblings and the business. The business failed and William succumbed to tuberculosis. Elizabeth focused on her faith, what she called “The Will” of God. She started a school in Baltimore and the first “free” catholic school in America. In 1809, she pronounced her vows and became known as Mother Seton. Today, six groups of sisters originated from her.

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