St. Dominic

1170 - 1221
Caleruega, Spain
Patron Saint Of:
Astronomers; falsely accused people
Feast day:
August 8

Saint Dominic was born into Spanish nobility. Legend has it that his mother knew she was having a holy child when she dreamed of a dog carrying a torch leaping out of her womb to “set the earth on fire.” Some say that the name Dominic comes from Domini Canis,or the Lord’s dog in Latin. He joined a Benedictine order and led a mission to defend the faith against a rising heresy that believed everything, including the human body, was evil to the point where you were encouraged to commit suicide through starvation. He was known for his mercy in his conversion of many of the heretics back to Christian faith. He started an order known as “The Order of Preachers” which continues today.

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