St. Brigid of Ireland

451 - 525
Kildare, Ireland
Patron Saint Of:
dairymaids,cattle, midwives, Irish nuns, and newborn babies
Feast day:
February 1

Saint Brigid was born into slavery in Ireland. As a child, there are many stories around her giving to the poor. Her father even wanted to sell her because she gave away everything they had. But the king of the area refused to have her sold and he recognized her giving hear and merit with God. Brigid eventually returned to her mother and slave owner to help on the dairy farm. She was able to give milk away to the poor while the dairy farm prospered at the same time. The slave owner tried to marry her off but Brigid refused and dedicated her life to God. She prayed to have her beauty taken away. The prayer was granted,then restored after her death. She was friends with Saint Patrick, and the two were known as the pillars of the Irish people.

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